The birth of and Idea No BS Single Dad

One of my favorite things to do with a slow Saturday or Sunday morning is going for a walk with a cup of coffee and listening to podcasts. Recently I have been spinning an idea for another brand based on single parents my first being the Solo Parent Hustle which is no longer around. This one I’d like to call the No BS single dad or something along those lines. My idea is a website, podcast and some video content based on my parenting views good and bad and what I have learned. How is this different from my 1st not much other than I will be going with the unfiltered approach. Which means I will piss off a lot of people and be called a horrible parent, but for those that resonate with me will build a community.  This will be me in a true form not what I think will be PC, there are so many websites out there and all have their unique view and I feel I have one as well. How and why does this involve this blog, well I am going to use all that I am learning and apply it to this brand. I am going to start and a twitter, facebook and IG page to start a following then eventually grow into a website as the main page with content from all these platforms. If you have any suggestions comment below I’d love to hear them.


What, Are you really SINGLE ?

This is a very common question lately, so what’s my answer? Let’s start with what some people have told me the answer is. You’re too on your son than on your own life, you have given up to much with your purpose, you don’t know what being single is,  not open to dating, to0 selfish, you need to have your own life. The real reason is, I am still waiting on Jessica Alba to call haha.

These are some that have stuck with me, and honestly, they could be all correct but hey you can only live with what you feel is the best way.

I don’t have the exact answer but what I can say is I’m looking and open.

How to get paid Digital Marketing experience by working for FREE

Did you read that correctly or did you read it as I’m working for free? If you read that as I’m getting paid with experience and knowledge then you’re in the correct mindset.  What’s wrong with working for free or as some may This is how you get it and find out if it’s an industry you want to get into. Ok now that you have an idea of why I am working for “free” you’re now asking who lets you work for free and what type of work are you going to do?

Who? I have been contacting a few local startups that I already have a connection with that are killing it but don’t have the staff size for some of the tasks I am looking to do. Why local, no not to make coffee runs ok maybe a few but it allows us to meet up in person for coaching if needed.

What type of work? well,  anything that is entry level or the beginning of a project where the task is very mundane or not cost efficient for a seasoned professional to be working on.

Why would they let me do this? startups are always looking to maximize their output with minimal investment, plus the people I am reaching out to are great and understand why I am doing this and are willing to help. As of now, I have created a Gmail account to track and organize the projects I will be working on, with plans to add an Instagram account that will allow me to target new clients as my skills grow.



Getting a job with NO experience

Can I honestly expect to get a job in the digital marketing space without paid experience ? Well I still have to answer no, but I fell with all the great content I have been consuming I am not to far from an offer. One of the big changes I have made to my approach is the content I am consuming. At first I was trying to consume anything tagged in the industry, now I only consuming from active marketing communities instead of ones that have purchased their following or ranking.  I have learned the type of marketing services I want to provide are long term for my clients, I have seen so many people buying too much into analytics instead of interaction from the community you’re trying to sell to.

Organic sales leads and job oppurtunities are they one in the same ?

As I was reading 13 Ways to Grow your Social Media Audience in 2017 Social Media Today, I was reminded of the corolation between oragninc sales leads and getting the job you want. The more I read the harder it hit me to up my interaction with the people I want to build a relationship with. I say relationship instead of contacts because life is truly all about relationships, and how both people can affect the others life with out even knowing. With that said here’s the plan and yes you may have heard it before in The ASk Gary Vee book or his podcast, I am using the search features on Twitter, InstaGram to find anything Denver and Digital Marketing then interact and build these relationships. No I am not just going to sit behind the screen or monitor I will also start attending events found on Meetups to meet people to not only help me get into the industry but contiune those relartionships as I grow to help those who helped me.

Do I need a degree to work in Digital Marketing

There are a lot diffrent types of marketing degrees, but my question to you is are they worth the possible $50,000 in debt? I am hoping to find out you dont need a four year degree as I am looking move my career into the digital marketing field. I have started consuming large amouts of marketing content to see  if this woks. If you like Gary Vaynerchuck then his take on getting a marketing degree to a 17 year girl in this video is a must watch. There are many companies offering the classes in the lastest trends of digital marketing, some paid like General Assembly who does not offer a garuntee unless you take their main course in digital marketing for around $7,000.00, but you can start out with an online 5 week class for $750. Another site I am looking into is Udemy, now this site covers more than just the tech world and the prices can range from $0.00 up to $200.00 per course. Both places offer general digital marketing or you can pick a specific area like SEO. So far the best bang for your buck or of lack of is the free course with a certificatrion is the  Google Adwords Certification course.

SEO and why finding a good culture is more important than money.

The magical mythical words of SEO are like gold in great content, but in pointless writting they’re just words.  How do you find the right words to boost your SEO you can start with google key word search. My approach starts with current knowledge or content I’m cusuming that I feel is not only beneficial to me but other people in my situation Single dad midlife crisis.  With my lack of paid digital marketing experince I am selling myself as someone who would be a great fit for a company with a solid foundation and positive culture,  who can be trained to do it their way while continuing learn on my own. Digital marketing as a whole is changing rapidy, start with the basics but stay current with the trends in the industry. Over my years in the work force as an employee, recruiter and job seeker I have seen some great and bad hires from miles away with very few surprises.  The new hire who is a team player, overall good person with the basic knowledge to do the job and fits the culture the best will outlast and outperform the qualified newhire that is a prick.

Mental and Physical Health


One of the biggest changes in my life over the last few years was both my mental and physical health changing for the  better. The catalyst was wanting to be in better shape to continue helping my son train for his sports, but a year in I noticed how much stronger I was mentally than before. I recently tweeted @BnGinCO  I go to the gym for two reasons mental health and to look good, plus phyiscal strenght comes with the looking good. My department at work was reorganized adding alot to an already over flowing work load that has caused a lot of stress not just at work but in my personal life as well. Prior to starting a consitent training schedule I would have buckeled and needed over a hour lunch just to get through the day, but recently I was able to take a walk breath, and head back to my desk and start chipping away at all that was on my plate. You mask ask was is my training program and how much did it cost, well my biggest investment like any big change was my time. Yes I did invest in a gym memebership at my local 24 hour fitness just because it was with in walking distance. I made the change from using the gym in my office that was free to 24 hour fitness, only after I had invested enouh time and was consistant in training.  Outside of my membership still my biggest investment is Time not in supplements (whey protein and a pre work).  You dont need the fancy gyms, huge stacks of supplements or the best work out clothes but you do need to invest your most important assesst time. Good luck on your journey

Digital Marketing Career Pivot


I would like to start this off by reminding everyone I have no formal trainging in this field. When you look at the current direction of the marketing world when it comes to employement, there are so many options. So what is my goal you ask ? Well thats simple find a entry level postion that does not reuire me to take such a big pay cut but allows growth and training in multiple areas.  I have started looking on places like built in colorado and linkedin to find these positions. What about classes or boot camps are they worth the investment ? which are the best ones ? I have found a course I am looking into that I found on the YouTube channel Engineered truth. Have you taken a course paid or free please comment and share.

Single Dad Possible Midlife Crisis

I have had a few changes in my life lately that have left me looking at my current professinal and life situation. I am not complaining as I have a great life stable job, great famly and an amazing son. Why do I want to posibbly shake the boat ? Well as Gary Vanverychuck keeps reminding me you only have 1 life.  The two main changes or pivots I am looking at are dating more with a career change into digiatal marketing. Over the next serires of blogs I will discuss my plans for each change. Thank you for reading.