The birth of and Idea No BS Single Dad

One of my favorite things to do with a slow Saturday or Sunday morning is going for a walk with a cup of coffee and listening to podcasts. Recently I have been spinning an idea for another brand based on single parents my first being the Solo Parent Hustle which is no longer around. This one I’d like to call the No BS single dad or something along those lines. My idea is a website, podcast and some video content based on my parenting views good and bad and what I have learned. How is this different from my 1st not much other than I will be going with the unfiltered approach. Which means I will piss off a lot of people and be called a horrible parent, but for those that resonate with me will build a community.  This will be me in a true form not what I think will be PC, there are so many websites out there and all have their unique view and I feel I have one as well. How and why does this involve this blog, well I am going to use all that I am learning and apply it to this brand. I am going to start and a twitter, facebook and IG page to start a following then eventually grow into a website as the main page with content from all these platforms. If you have any suggestions comment below I’d love to hear them.


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