How to get paid Digital Marketing experience by working for FREE

Did you read that correctly or did you read it as I’m working for free? If you read that as I’m getting paid with experience and knowledge then you’re in the correct mindset.  What’s wrong with working for free or as some may This is how you get it and find out if it’s an industry you want to get into. Ok now that you have an idea of why I am working for “free” you’re now asking who lets you work for free and what type of work are you going to do?

Who? I have been contacting a few local startups that I already have a connection with that are killing it but don’t have the staff size for some of the tasks I am looking to do. Why local, no not to make coffee runs ok maybe a few but it allows us to meet up in person for coaching if needed.

What type of work? well,  anything that is entry level or the beginning of a project where the task is very mundane or not cost efficient for a seasoned professional to be working on.

Why would they let me do this? startups are always looking to maximize their output with minimal investment, plus the people I am reaching out to are great and understand why I am doing this and are willing to help. As of now, I have created a Gmail account to track and organize the projects I will be working on, with plans to add an Instagram account that will allow me to target new clients as my skills grow.




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