Organic sales leads and job oppurtunities are they one in the same ?

As I was reading 13 Ways to Grow your Social Media Audience in 2017 Social Media Today, I was reminded of the corolation between oragninc sales leads and getting the job you want. The more I read the harder it hit me to up my interaction with the people I want to build a relationship with. I say relationship instead of contacts because life is truly all about relationships, and how both people can affect the others life with out even knowing. With that said here’s the plan and yes you may have heard it before in The ASk Gary Vee book or his podcast, I am using the search features on Twitter, InstaGram to find anything Denver and Digital Marketing then interact and build these relationships. No I am not just going to sit behind the screen or monitor I will also start attending events found on Meetups to meet people to not only help me get into the industry but contiune those relartionships as I grow to help those who helped me.


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