Do I need a degree to work in Digital Marketing

There are a lot diffrent types of marketing degrees, but my question to you is are they worth the possible $50,000 in debt? I am hoping to find out you dont need a four year degree as I am looking move my career into the digital marketing field. I have started consuming large amouts of marketing content to see  if this woks. If you like Gary Vaynerchuck then his take on getting a marketing degree to a 17 year girl in this video is a must watch. There are many companies offering the classes in the lastest trends of digital marketing, some paid like General Assembly who does not offer a garuntee unless you take their main course in digital marketing for around $7,000.00, but you can start out with an online 5 week class for $750. Another site I am looking into is Udemy, now this site covers more than just the tech world and the prices can range from $0.00 up to $200.00 per course. Both places offer general digital marketing or you can pick a specific area like SEO. So far the best bang for your buck or of lack of is the free course with a certificatrion is the  Google Adwords Certification course.


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