SEO and why finding a good culture is more important than money.

The magical mythical words of SEO are like gold in great content, but in pointless writting they’re just words.  How do you find the right words to boost your SEO you can start with google key word search. My approach starts with current knowledge or content I’m cusuming that I feel is not only beneficial to me but other people in my situation Single dad midlife crisis.  With my lack of paid digital marketing experince I am selling myself as someone who would be a great fit for a company with a solid foundation and positive culture,  who can be trained to do it their way while continuing learn on my own. Digital marketing as a whole is changing rapidy, start with the basics but stay current with the trends in the industry. Over my years in the work force as an employee, recruiter and job seeker I have seen some great and bad hires from miles away with very few surprises.  The new hire who is a team player, overall good person with the basic knowledge to do the job and fits the culture the best will outlast and outperform the qualified newhire that is a prick.


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