Mental and Physical Health


One of the biggest changes in my life over the last few years was both my mental and physical health changing for the  better. The catalyst was wanting to be in better shape to continue helping my son train for his sports, but a year in I noticed how much stronger I was mentally than before. I recently tweeted @BnGinCO  I go to the gym for two reasons mental health and to look good, plus phyiscal strenght comes with the looking good. My department at work was reorganized adding alot to an already over flowing work load that has caused a lot of stress not just at work but in my personal life as well. Prior to starting a consitent training schedule I would have buckeled and needed over a hour lunch just to get through the day, but recently I was able to take a walk breath, and head back to my desk and start chipping away at all that was on my plate. You mask ask was is my training program and how much did it cost, well my biggest investment like any big change was my time. Yes I did invest in a gym memebership at my local 24 hour fitness just because it was with in walking distance. I made the change from using the gym in my office that was free to 24 hour fitness, only after I had invested enouh time and was consistant in training.  Outside of my membership still my biggest investment is Time not in supplements (whey protein and a pre work).  You dont need the fancy gyms, huge stacks of supplements or the best work out clothes but you do need to invest your most important assesst time. Good luck on your journey


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